The best golf clubs for beginners, 5 top choices

The Best golf clubs for beginnersThere’s nothing sweeter than spending money on having fun and buying your first set of golf clubs. But often, it can be confusing and stressful with so much choice out there. If you are unsure how to choose, read on as I tell you how to select the best golf clubs for beginners.

If you want a quick pick, though, we recommend the No products found. for men and the No products found. for women.

Why it is best to buy a set of clubs

Some newcomers ask, why so many clubs? Is this just so golf club manufacturers can make money? Generally, no, there is a good reason for the variety of clubs, they each do a different job. Golf expert Kevin Battersby explains it very well in just 90 seconds –

It’s usually best to buy a set of golf clubs rather than individual clubs. If you go for a well-known, reputable brand, then they will have done the hard work for you, and you will end off with a well-balanced set with a club for every job.

There is a time to begin to customize your clubs for your skills and preferences, but when you start, it’s better to trust the experts. You will be looking at a group of between 12 and 17 clubs. These will include a driver, fairway wood, irons, sand wedge, putting wedge, and a putter. Most sets that are suitable for beginners also have some hybrid clubs.

How many clubs are in a set?

Many of you will find it best to go for a smaller set. Twelve is suitable for beginners. The reason for this is that, until you perfect your swing, the subtler differences between clubs are not that important. Keeping things simple and concentrating on improving your skills is best; this is where the joy of golf lies. I’ve seen some beginners with too many clubs whose progress is being held back as they are spending more time choosing the club than on perfecting those shots. Some prefer to get a big set because they know they will grow into it as their game improves. I know some very satisfied golfers who have gone down this route.

It is all about balance. Always keep this in mind: You need enough clubs to overcome the obstacles you will face on the course, but not so many that you feel paralyzed and miserable about which club to choose. The game is about fun, after all.

Clubs for your height and skill level

One very important thing is your height. If you are much shorter or taller than average, then go for a specialist set. It will make a difference to your game.

You may have been reading lots about the different materials available and asking which is best for the beginner. It’s all about balance and power. Graphite shafts make for great balance if you are new to the game. When you connect with the ball, you will get more power to send it off with a bang. Titanium is an excellent choice for the club’s head; the sweet spot will be bigger and higher on the head, making everything easier.

The material used for the shaft of the club will affect its flexibility. Most golf trainers advise beginners to get golf clubs with flexible rods, making it easier to control the ball. A lighter rod will help your speed, which is a bit of a boost when you start.

How much should I spend?

Now for that big question, how much should you spend? Many experts out there say you should not overspend until you know the game is for you. I can’t entirely agree, and this is why. Paying a bit more means, you will get high-quality materials and craftsmanship, which make hitting the ball well so much easier.

You will also get the right variety and balance in the different clubs, so you have the right club for whatever happens on the course. Golf is a fantastic game, and you want to get the most out of it. It is impressive watching that ball flying down the fairway in precisely the way you want. To get there means you need the right tools, and that means spending a reasonable amount. You don’t need to bankrupt yourself but don’t underspend, or you won’t get the most out of the game.

New or used clubs?

One option is to choose a set of used clubs when you start. But be careful, golf clubs do wear out, and if you buy a heavily used bunch, then they may break, the flex in the shaft may not be what you expect, and the sweet spot on the head may be more used than you think. There is one used option that is worth looking out for, though. If you are a tad patient and know what you are looking for, you can pick up nearly new golf club sets. Typically, you can expect to get these for 10 to 15 percent less than brand new.

Best Golf clubs sets for beginners

For beginners, the best all-around option is to buy a set as it’s better value and easier. Also, the sets for beginners have larger faces which makes it easier to hit the ball.

These sets below will get you on your way.

No products found.

This Callaway men’s Strata complete golf club set has everything you need. With options for 12,14 and 16 piece golf sets, you can’t go far wrong. The clubs are lightweight for increased performance, and the driver is specially designed for distance and forgiveness. The set has two hybrids which are a great alternative to long irons giving you the confidence for those difficult shots.

What you will find in this complete set:

  • A lightweight forged Driver with a large sweet spot
  • Fairway wood (headcover included)
  • Irons/wedges. Perimeter weighting, progressive sole width technology for improved control
  • Hybrids. Versatile and forgiveness on shots where you would usually hit with a long iron (Headcovers included)
  • Putter, A mallet with T-style alignment for precision
  • It comes with a stand bag


  • The driver will help you with regards to distance
  • The irons have perimeter weighting and have a mix of forgiveness and control
  • The hybrid is more comfortable to navigate


  • Durability is an issue

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This men’s complete golf set of clubs from Precise Golf offers a lot of options when it comes to club choice. With 18 pieces, it includes a titanium drive with a large sweet spot, a hybrid, and a sand wedge as a bonus. It’s also a great golf club set for taller players as it comes in different size options.

What will you find in this club set for beginners:

  • Driver
  • 3 and 5 fairway woods,
  • A hybrid
  • Irons from 5-PW with a bonus sand wedge
  • Putter with alignment system for more accurate shots


  • Amazing value for beginners
  • Larger sweet spots which are suitable for beginners
  • Includes all the clubs needed to start with golf


  • The driver can be a little bit short for some people
  • The bag is not quite as comfortable as the Callaway set above

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These beginner golf clubs from Wilson’s are designed specifically for maximum distance enabling even the most novice golfer to have a good experience on the golf course. There are 10 clubs in total, all lightweight, which includes a hybrid.

What you will find in this complete set:

  • Graphite driver
  • Fairway wood
  • A Stainless steel hybrid
  • 6,7,8 and9 irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter


  • Good quality versus price point
  • Same for the bag with many pockets
  • The driver is easy to use; ideal for beginners


  • The durability of the driver

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These Aspire XD1 beginner golf clubs for ladies from Precise provide everything you need to get started. They are perfect for shorter ladies 5ft to 5.5ft and are lightweight, thanks to graphite shafts.

What you will find in this set:

  • Driver
  • Wood
  • Hybrid
  • Irons
  • Putter
  • Deluxe stand bag, three headcovers


  • Very good for women and beginners
  • Light and flexible


  • Some durability problems with the straps on the bag

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The Callaway golf Strata set for ladies has everything you expect from a beginner’s set. Lightweight clubs and performance technology ensure an enjoyable game even for novice players.

What you will find in this set:

  • Driver, with a large sweet spot.
  • 3 woods are very forgiving,
  • Hybrid (5H): Versatile and forgiveness on shots where you would usually hit with an iron; (headcover included)
  • Irons/Wedges (6-PW, SW): They have perimeter weighting and progressive sole width technology for improved control
  • Putter: Mallet with T-Style alignment gives you incredible accuracy
  • Stand Bag: The stand bag is durable and lightweight, and it comes with five pockets, a rain hood, and a cooler pocket


  • High-quality heads with proper weight distribution
  • Lightweight and sturdy bag
  • Recommended for beginner ladies


  • Reports of the set not being as robust as other products
  • The clubs scuff easily

The best golf clubs for beginners conclusion

There are some excellent sets for beginners out there, but I feel the No products found. has the edge. It is not too big but has a variety of clubs to allow you to develop a brilliant all-around game.

For women, we would recommend the No products found. for the shorter ladies out there; it is also good for teenagers just starting. Neither is the cheapest on the market, but the little bit of extra spending will pay off as you see your game improve with such proper equipment.