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Best golf instruction websites – our 4 favourites


We use the web at work, we browse it for news, and we download games and videos. Perhaps you have considered how you can use the Internet to help your golf? I do find it surprising that more people do not use this resource, which is literally at their fingertips. I think I know the … Read more

Beginners guide to Fairway Woods


When I started to play golf, I shuddered every time anyone mentioned fairway woods. I had the idea they were difficult clubs to play. Not onIy that, I didn’t even know if they were clubs I needed yet. I waited to buy and looking back, I wasted time and delayed my progress towards being a … Read more

How often should you change golf clubs?


I have asked the question, and now I am going to tell you it is impossible to answer! Or to be more exact, the only reply is: ‘it depends.’ Factors we need to consider are: How often do you play? What is your type of clubs? What is your playing style? There is a lot … Read more

What makes a good golf coach?


If you read these pages often, you have already discovered that we love golf coaches. Nothing will improve your game faster and more efficiently than an expert who focuses on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. But we are often contacted by people who have had bad experiences. They have spent good money but found … Read more

Golf yips cure in the golf swing


If you asked most golfers what they dread, most would say ‘yips.’ They may tell lurid stories about how the lowest handicapper they know just tanked. He was at the top, and now he is way down the pecking order and thinking of packing up altogether. And all because of golf yips in the golf … Read more

Golf course strategy tips and tricks


One of the things which makes golf such an exciting game is that it is complicated. Very complicated. Every hole on every course is different. Each has its quirks. On many courses, a smooth hole is followed by a complete monster. Each course will have different traps for you. These traps may be the hazards: … Read more

Best golf grip for big hands


I am writing about this important subject because I have been watching how the wrong grip can ruin a good game. It is often hard to identify the problem. You know there is something wrong with the swing, you see that the golfer does not have everything under control. The stance looks good; the strategy … Read more

How to become a pro golfer


Getting paid for doing something you love. Isn’t that what we all dream? Perhaps you harbor ambitions to be a pro golfer. Or do you have a talented child who you feel could make it? You may feel this is the sort of dream which everyone who has ever played golf has. You may also … Read more

Cone drills: Improve your golf fast

I bet I can guess the most annoying thing that can happen to you when you are driving your car. Especially if you are on a long journey. Here is the story. You see the sign for road works, and you sigh. There they are in the distance — rows, and rows of orange cones … Read more

How to put backspin on a golf ball


What is backspin on a golf ball? It is all about the physics of the golf ball and how it behaves as it travels through the air. But the critical factor for us is what happens to that spin when the ball comes down to earth. When the ball hits the ground the way it … Read more

Can golf cause tennis elbow?


I know the question: ‘Can golf cause tennis elbow?’ sounds comical. We golfers have enough problems without tennis getting involved! But it is a serious question. Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the tendons in the forearm caused by the repetitive rotational movements players make in the game. Golfers also make repetitive rotational movements, especially … Read more

Golf mindset tips: Think and achieve


If you watch golf on the TV, you will have seen many famous golfers miss an easy shot. And you have probably heard the commentator say: ‘golf is a mental game’ or ‘you need the right mindset, and he slipped there.’ If that slip of concentration, or negative mental chatter, can affect professionals, it can … Read more

Beginners guide to golf drivers

For most of us, the driver is THE golf club. That is the one which the professionals use to hit that ball off the tee right down the fairway. This is where the glamour and the fun lies. But then reality kicks in. If you have tried to use a driver, you will know that … Read more

Beginners guide to golf wedges


If you want to play golf, or you have just started playing, then you are probably a bit confused on the subject of golf clubs. What do you know about golf clubs? They are expensive? Do you need a full set? We are here to clear the confusion. And we are going to focus on … Read more

Driving range practice plan, practice makes perfect

Do you go out on the practice range and hit a bucket of balls and then wonder why you don’t get better at golf? I would guess it is because you are whacking those balls without thinking through why you are doing it. All you golfers out there will be amazed at how much more … Read more

Left handed golf tips – common problems solved

Left-handed golf tips

More than one in ten of us is left-handed, and most of you left-handers out there tell us that you are not getting your fair share of attention when it comes to the world of golf. I hope we can begin to rectify this here, where we will give you some left handed golf tips, … Read more

How to improve your golf handicap – easy tips for success

How to improve your golf handicap

Perhaps you are just starting out and are embarrassed by how high your handicap is, or you may have been playing for years and find yourself stuck on an okay handicap while those around you are going lower and lower. Whatever the reason, most of us would like a lower handicap, and if you play … Read more

The Ultimate Golf Practice Routine for better golf


Golf is a hard game. That’s what makes it so all-absorbing, so infuriating, and such fun. The obvious point here, but one we all know to our cost: to get better, you need a practice program. So we’ve come up with the ultimate golf practice routine that will improve your mental game and physical skills … Read more

Goal setting in golf and why it’s worth it


The thing about golf is that you can always get better. But it is so much more satisfying if you KNOW you are getting better. This knowledge will bring you greater happiness and something to celebrate. All that time, the expense, perhaps even your nearest and dearest moaning they never see you these days. It … Read more

The easiest golf swing to learn – nice and easy does it


If you want to play golf, which is enjoyable, it is worth finding out the easiest golf swing to learn. I wish I had come across Brian Sparks’ ‘easiest swing in golf’ when I started. I think learning a stress-free and easy-on-your-body swing makes golf a more joyous game. If you agree, take a look … Read more

How to get better at golf without lessons


I know where you are coming from. You want to practice your game, but you are not quite sure if it is worth it on your own, and you are wondering if you are wasting time. Every time you hit a ball on the practice range, you have one question running through your mind: “How … Read more

Golf putting drills at home – perfecting the putt

Golf putting drills at home

However, as much as you would like it, you can’t be on the course all day every day. Especially in the winter, you can feel that you are slipping backward and forgetting everything you have learned and all those new skills you have developed. This is when you need some great golf putting drills at … Read more

Golf flexibility routine – anytime, anywhere

Golf flexibility routine

Flexibility is THE most critical physical attribute you can develop if you want to improve your game. It is especially important if you’re going to get that perfect golf swing. This focus on a golf flexibility routine surprises most golfers, both those new to the game or even very experienced players. If asked, most golfers … Read more

Chipping Drills for Beginners that really work

Chipping Drills for Beginners

Experts often say that good chipping is the most crucial stroke if you want to win more rounds of golf. So we are going to give you some excellent practice chipping drills for beginners to improve your chipping. We have developed these over the years by trial and error and kept them short and simple; … Read more