Golf equipment list we’ve got you covered

Golf equipment listThinking of playing golf? You may be wondering just how much stuff you need. You could spend thousands of dollars. Or you could go out with just one golf club and a golf ball. Which is the best? Is there a middle way? We think there is a good compromise, and this is it: the definitive golf equipment list.

The golf clubs

The maximum number of clubs you can carry on the golf course is fourteen. These fourteen clubs need to cope with every shot you make. And, if you choose well, they can do just this.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a golf set, but we would not advise that for beginners. As your game develops, the type of clubs you will need will change. To start with, go for a good quality but affordable set. We would advise you to buy a set of clubs, rather than individual clubs. You will be able to get used to one style of manufacture, which is a benefit when you are a beginner.

A set of golf clubs will include woods. These have big heads and are used for long shots. The longest is called a driver. The longest club has the lowest number. A driver is the number 1 wood.

Next are the irons. They are more accurate than the woods, but shots hit with an iron will not go as far. They are usually numbered according to their loft. The loft is the angle of the club head, and it is what allows you to get the ball into the air. A specialized sub-section of the irons is called wedges. They have lots of loft and are designed to get you out of trouble. If your ball gets stuck in a sand bunker, for example, you will want a sand wedge to get you out.

New and very useful are the hybrid clubs. They are designed to make life easy. They have elements of the design of both woods and irons. A good hybrid should give you the swing characteristics of an iron with the distance of a wood. The low-numbered irons (one to four) are tough for the beginner golfer to master. Often, a hybrid can be the answer when you start out.

Last up is the putter. This has a flat face and is used on the green (the short grass near the hole) to roll the ball into the hole. This is a good starter set No products found.

Of course, you will want a golf bag to carry the clubs in. Most sets come with a bag. Check the strap is comfortable on your shoulder.  Here is some advice on how to carry your golf bag.

Golf balls

Obviously, you need golf balls. There is a bewildering choice of quality and price. Some of the best give you spin and compression.  Don’t go for the most expensive yet; you will not need these qualities for a while.

Sorry to tell you, but you are likely to lose many of the balls at first, so don’t break the bank. Look for a pack between ten and fifteen dollars. That is all you need at this stage. Next, go for a softer ball. It will not go as far, but you will have more control over it.

Golf tees

Tees are used to raise the ball when you are teeing off. This gives you a better chance of making a firm, clean shot. The length of the tee you need will depend upon your height.

If you are of average height, you can get three-inch tees and then push them into the ground as far as you need to feel comfortable. All golf tees are pretty much the same, so there is no need to spend a lot of cash.

Golf Shoes

Special shoes are a must. Golfers need comfort and durability. Walking around a golf course is a long walk. You may find yourself out and about for five hours, over some rough terrain and hills.

We would advise spiked shoes, which will give you traction. These will help you keep your balance, especially when you are developing your swing. Perfecting a good swing is hard, and you need all the help you can get. Spiked shoes can give you an edge. Go for something water-resistant as well. Wet feet on the golf course are not a good feeling.

Golf shoes are worth spending money on. Of course, you do not have to go for the top designer brands unless you want to. But you will get what you pay for.

Golf glove

How you hold the club (your grip) is crucial to a good game. A golf glove, worn on your ‘lead’ hand, can help here. A glove gives you a good grip while letting you keep your muscles relaxed. (If you hold the club too tightly, you will seize up and miss shots).

The glove will also keep your hand warm and prevent blisters. Don’t go for the top of the range immediately. Check you are comfortable with the size first. If you want to bring some style to your game, you can go for designer brands.


There are rules about clothing at most golf clubs. Getting the right clothes will save you embarrassment. But more than this, specialist golf clothes are the most comfortable to wear when playing the game.

This is our starter golf clothes list

  • A collared shirt
  • Golf pants
  • Rainproof jacket or fleece for the colder weather,
  •  A season-appropriate hat.

Remember that you will be out in the elements when you play a full round of golf. There will be no hiding under a tree for shade or staying in the clubhouse because it is cold. So choose a season-appropriate hat to keep the sun off in summer and to keep your head warm in the winter.

Extra stuff to keep you comfortable

As we have already said, you will be outside for a long time, so make sure you are prepared. We recommend you carry the following items (adjusted for the weather, of course)

An umbrella, a rainproof jacket, a towel to wipe dry the grip on your club, another towel for yourself. That’s covered the rain, but it might be sunny. If it is, you will need sunscreen and insect repellent. Sunglasses, too, golf balls in flight can be hard to see in bright sunlight.

Injuries are not common in golf, but you may get a knock or a nick. So make sure you have some plasters and some antiseptic cream. You are going to get thirsty with all this activity. So take a good supply of water. Most courses have water fountains around the course so you can top up.

You may feel the need for an energy top-up if you are playing a full round so take some fruit or an energy bar.

Extra items you will need for your game

You will also need ball markers or a marker pen so you can mark your ball. It’s a complete failure to get your ball mixed up with someone else’s. Make sure you have some spare scorecards and a pen to fill it in.

Golf equipment list round up

Follow our simple guide, and you will be prepared and comfortable as you start out in the beautiful game.

Enjoy your golf!