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Best golf bags for a pushcart, top choices


It is a simple little thing, but a good golf bag can make your day on the golf course even more enjoyable. It is essential to choose your golf cart bag wisely because it can make the difference between a pleasurable game, where you have everything to hand or an irksome game where you can’t … Read more

Best golf polo shirts for men and women


According to modern golf rules, there is a dress code. This dress code requires a colored golf shirt for both men and women. But when you are buying a golf shirt, there is much more to consider. The best men’s and women’s golf shirts are designed with performance in mind, and they give all sorts … Read more

Best golf hitting nets, top choices

best golf hitting net

Why golf hitting nets, you might say? They help you perfect your golf swing in the most comfortable place of all, your home. So, say goodbye to buying lots of buckets full of balls at the practice range. If you do not live somewhere where you can play all year, winter is the time for … Read more

Best golf rain gear, for men and women


Playing golf in wet weather means you need to ensure you have the best waterproof equipment. There is nothing more miserable than rain running down the back of your neck as you take your swing. But don’t just think about the rain. We recommend that you choose gear which protects you from the wind as … Read more

Best golf hats – we’ve got you covered


During visits to golf courses in Scotland and Hawaii, I found out that playing golf in all weathers can be tough. One thing for sure is, it makes you think hard about the golf gear you take with you if you are going to play in all conditions. In Scotland, the constant rain is a … Read more

Best golf cart heaters, extending your play


Golf carts provide many fun experiences. If you use the golf cart during the colder days in spring, fall, and winter months, you need to invest in a high-quality golf cart heater. Why you should buy a heater for your golf cart Golf cart users interested in a heater are on the right track. There are many … Read more

Best golf grips for humid weather


A friend of mine had the golfing trip of a lifetime recently. He went to China and played on some of its new golf courses. He had a great time, but there was one problem. In some areas of China, humidity is very high, and his hands got sore and uncomfortable. It doesn’t happen just … Read more

Best golf irons for mid handicappers


It feels great as you get better at golf. Your handicap starts coming down, and you begin winning rounds. If you are at this stage, you have a decision to make. Do you upgrade your clubs? Here are some of the considerations if you are looking for the best golf irons for mid handicappers. Are … Read more

Best golf balls for the average golfer


We take time choosing our golf clubs, but we rarely consider the golf balls we use. It is a mistake. A good golf ball can improve your game. But some golf balls are costly, and we all know how easy they are to lose. So, we need to strike a happy medium when we are … Read more

Best golf shoes for wide feet


As we often say on this site, having the right equipment will make your golfing life more enjoyable. It means your clothing as well as your clubs. And no item is more important than your shoes. It is especially true if you have wide feet. It is worth making sure that you get the best … Read more

Golf tech: Up your game with gadgets


I suppose all sports and pastimes use some technology. Soccer balls and tennis racquets are not the same now as in our parents’ times for example. But golf is a different world. Whether it is clubs, clothes or computing power, golf tech is way ahead of any other sport. In this article, I am going … Read more

Best golf mats: Our top 5 choices


In a cold climate, you may feel you are severely disadvantaged as you practice your sport. While those lucky golfers in the warm states such as Florida California and Arizona can keep hitting right through the year, you cannot. You are stuck inside, and your skills are slipping. And you miss the game. If you … Read more

Best golf cart accessories: Our top 5


Golf carts are designed to carry two golfers and their clubs around the course. They usually have a four-stroke engine and go at about fifteen miles an hour. Some golf clubs offer storage facilities for members’ carts, so once you have made your purchase, it can live there. Once you have purchased your cart, then … Read more

5 of The best golf simulators


The best Golf simulators can massively improve your game. So, what is the best home golf simulator to buy? The main question is: ‘how much house space do I have?’ An indoor golf simulator is a sizeable addition to any home. You will need eight feet or more of space around you and from floor … Read more

The best golf clubs for beginners, 5 top choices


There’s nothing sweeter than spending money on having fun and buying your first set of golf clubs. But often, it can be confusing and stressful with so much choice out there. If you are unsure how to choose, read on as I tell you how to select the best golf clubs for beginners. If you … Read more

Best supplements for golfers: 6 top choices


One change I have noticed in my time playing golf is how much more attention we are all paying to our health. Whereas the gossip in the clubhouse used to be business and politics, it’s now body mass index, joint flexibility, and the best supplements for golfers. The fitter golfer you are, the better your … Read more

Best starter golf set for ladies, 5 of the best


Nearly a quarter of golf players in the United States today are women. If you have joined us, then I extend a very warm welcome. It is a beautiful game, and I love seeing so many good women players. I watch the women professionals on TV and love it. Yet, I know many women still … Read more

Best fairway woods for seniors


One of my favourite things about golf is you can play it throughout your life. That is a lovely thought. Perhaps you are just starting to play yourself. Or you may be an old-timer who is now getting your grandchildren interested in this wonderful sport. Whoever you are, I can promise that there are years … Read more

Best golf travel case – golfing on the move

Best golf travel case

There are many reasons for packing your clubs, in the best golf travel case you can get, and getting away. I don’t believe there is a golfer out there who doesn’t dream of playing a famous course somewhere far away. And we live in a time of frequent flying. New golf courses are opening all … Read more

Best Drivers for Beginners – King of Clubs


Let’s get down to basics. It’s all about hitting a golf ball and hitting it accurately. You want it to go far and end up on target and you need the right tools to do that. We will start with the driver. It is one of the hardest clubs for the beginner to use and … Read more

Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

The best fairway woods for high handicappers

The fairway woods are difficult clubs to master, but if you want to improve your game, they are an essential part of your golf toolbox. The fairway woods are very versatile clubs, and they can be the real workhorses of your game. Because of this, choosing the best fairway wood for high handicappers is not … Read more

Best Pitching Wedge – check out what’s on offer


Trends come and go in golf, and at the moment the wedges are having a moment in the sun. Golf experts out there are telling us that choosing the best pitching wedge, is the question of many golfers’ minds. All the wedges are becoming more critical to golfers. Surveys show that they are the type … Read more

Best Putters for Beginners – Picking your putter


Choosing the best putters for beginners must be very hard. How do I know? Well, one thing I notice whenever I look into a golf buddy’s garage is the number of putters they have. ‘Why do golfers need so many?’ I ask. The usual reply is: ‘Well that one didn’t feel quite right,’ ‘that one … Read more

Best Golf Push Cart – Save your energy for shots


The best golf push cart attracts some controversy. There has been a debate in golf recently about whether young, fit, college players should use push golf carts. Some are saying, no if they can’t carry their own clubs now, then what’s the world coming to. On the other side, medical experts are pointing to the … Read more

Best Home Putting Green – keeping up the good work

Best Home Putting Green

Does this happen to you? Come spring you are out of the golf course, right through summer and into autumn you are playing as much as you can, enjoying your game and getting better. Then the weather changes, the rain comes, the snow is threatening. And you are stuck indoors, bored fed up and frustrated … Read more

Best Golf Swing Analyzer – 5 ways to Improve your game fast

Lady playing golf

The swing analyzers on the market now give you the sort of power to unpick your game and measure your shots which would only have been available to the top PGA tour players even a few years ago. There’s more computing power there than took us to the moon all those years ago. It’s a … Read more

The Best Golf Range Finders


We golfers love our technical devices, and none is more popular than the golf rangefinder. If you have seen people out on the course pointing their rangefinder at the pin, you may be considering whether to get one yourself. Read on, and we will tell you which is the best golf range finders for you. … Read more