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Golf club fitting and why it’s worth it


Why should I consider golf club fitting? Golf club fitting will give you a club, or a full set of clubs, which match your game. It is a chance to get your whole game analyzed and measured and to try out different club heads and shafts. That is the way to find which is the … Read more

Do golf balls age – keeping up with technology


I know we can all lose them, but as long as you keep them well, your golf balls should last for years. An answer to the question: ‘do golf balls age?’ Eventually, they will. But if you look after them, you should get at least a decade’s worth of use out of them. Golf balls … Read more

Four-man scramble golf rules


Before we go on to explain the four-man golf scramble rules, let’s look at what golf scramble is. The golf scramble is one of the best-known and most popular forms of team play in golf. It is usually played for fun, rather than in serious tournaments. The reason it is so popular at charity events … Read more

Best ball golf tournament strategy


  Most of us who love golf, enjoy playing in golf tournaments or special events. From the fun day out for charity to pro/am events, there are many different types of golf days out there. And there are some different ways to play, whether you are looking for amateur fun to the deadly serious competition. … Read more

The benefits of counterbalancing clubs

Every so often in the world of golf, it seems there is a significant breakthrough in the technology design and engineering of golf clubs. I have noticed we might be at such a moment now. If you talk to the same sort of people like me, you may have been hearing chatter in the clubhouse … Read more

Hardest degree courses? We’ve got it covered


We all like a challenge in our golf. So, what could be better than playing a really tough golf course? We are often asked what the hardest degree courses in the world are. Some of you want to know because you aim to travel the world and to play these courses. But lately, we have … Read more

Driving range vs golf course the answer may surprise you!


I have a friend who often daydreams. I said to him one day, “Hey, I’m talking to you. What are you thinking about over there?” He grinned and said. “I’m just doing what I always do. I am running through all those wonderful shots I made on the driving range yesterday because I know I … Read more

Golf equipment list we’ve got you covered

Thinking of playing golf? You may be wondering just how much stuff you need. You could spend thousands of dollars. Or you could go out with just one golf club and a golf ball. Which is the best? Is there a middle way? We think there is a good compromise, and this is it: the … Read more

Golf shot terms, chips, flops and blocks


You know the feeling. You hit a bad shot. It feels terrible. Then your bright golf buddy says oh you have sliced again! You fill in the gap. It will be a golfing term which perhaps you have never heard of! And that makes you feel even worse. You seem to mis-hit the ball all … Read more

Different types of golf greens


Grass is grass, isn’t it? Actually, in golf, no, it isn’t. The type of grass on your course will affect your game. In this article, we will look at the different types of golf greens and the varieties of grasses. The more we understand the characteristics of the grass on the courses we play, the … Read more

Ball placement and why it matters

ball placement

Ball placement: a whole article? Surely you just put the ball down and hit it. How hard can that be? If you are just starting out in golf, it can seem harsh indeed. The truth is it can still be a challenge when you are an experienced amateur or even a professional. That first shot … Read more

Different degrees of golf wedges – lofty ideas for golfers


It’s the perennial question: ‘How many golf clubs do I need?’ and nowhere is there more choice, more confusion, and more debate than in the wonderful world of golf club wedges. I will start with a table explaining the different degrees of golf wedges and how far you can expect the ball to go when … Read more

Ultimate guide to golf handicaps – All you need to know


Have you asked: what exactly is a golf handicap, and how do I get one? It’s a question which many of us have thought about but feel embarrassed to ask when we start out playing. Yet the golf handicap is a beautiful thing. It enables players of different abilities to play together, and it tells … Read more

Fun golf tournament ideas – Family friendly fun


Whether it’s for charity, part of a corporate day out, or a booster for your college, golf tournaments can be great fun. In this article, I will give you some fun golf tournament ideas that you can use if you are asked to organize or help out with this sort of event. There is nothing … Read more

Golf terminology for beginners – learning the lingo


I know, I know, this can feel pretty scary. You’ve got your clubs, you’ve got your golf ball, and you’ve had some practice, and now you are on the golf course, meeting fellow golfers, and everyone is speaking a language which could as well be Chinese (or English if you are Chinese!). The language of … Read more

Golf Spectator Etiquette the proper way to watch

Playing golf, having fun

Have you been invited to a golf tournament? Are you worried about what to wear, what to do, how to behave? Don’t panic; we are here to help. Here is our guide to golf spectator etiquette. If you are going to a golf tournament for the first time, then be aware that this is very … Read more

How many golf clubs can you have in your bag?


If you are new to the game, the last thing you want is to break the rules inadvertently. It makes you look a complete rookie, and you don’t want to look a fool before you even start. You might even feel you cannot ask the question, ‘how many golf clubs can you have in your … Read more