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Best Home Putting GreenDoes this happen to you? Come spring you are out of the golf course, right through summer and into autumn you are playing as much as you can, enjoying your game and getting better. Then the weather changes, the rain comes, the snow is threatening. And you are stuck indoors, bored fed up and frustrated because you know your golf game is stagnating. If you don’t get some practice in somehow then your handicap is going to be sky high come next spring.

This is the time to consider a home putting green. There are lots of models on the market, you can even build your own.

It seems such an obvious purchase, but a lot of people buy a putting green and find it disappoints. If you have been playing golf for long, you probably know of some people that have a putting mat stuffed away in the corner of their basement which they never use.

So, what should you look for and how can you avoid wasting money on something which doesn’t do the job?

Best home putting greens

A good quality natural looking surface which is as near as possible to the real thing. You want something which looks good and behaves like a real putting green.

For this, you should be looking out for a true roll. That means a surface where the ball will roll smooth and straight into the hole if you hit it well, in the same way as it would out on the green.

Many putting greens can be used both indoors and outdoors, but indoor use is probably most common. The floor surface it goes on matters. Wherever you put the putting green in the house, the chances are that the floor will not be entirely flat, that is just a feature of the average home and the average basement, games room, garage etc. So, it needs to be robust and heavy enough to sit on top of the floor and mask these faults. Some of the more expensive models come with a base on which to sit which overcomes this problem, but any green needs to be thick enough to rest smoothly on an ordinary domestic surface.

Speed is another important factor, and some putting greens come with a variety of speeds. This is a feature which you might consider is worth the extra cost as we all know that controlling the speed of the ball is crucial for accuracy.  If you are not going for a variety of speed, then look for an artificial green which is about the same speed as the green you have been playing on all summer. The speed of the ball is affected by the friction on the surface of the putting green and the length of the artificial grass.

You may also be wondering about the size you need. This is often determined by the space you have got but consider these factors as well. The more space you can spare the bigger the green you can have and the more you will be able to practice the longer putts and chips. Variety of shape can help here as well, as some putting greens are ingeniously designed so you can drill a range of angles and even inclines.

Indoor putting greens vary a lot in price, and it is worth paying for quality. You want something which is hard wearing and doesn’t crease or fold. There is no point in getting something which you lay down, so it is smooth and true only to find it is creasing and ruffling after a few months. I would advise you to look for a product with an extended warranty. Also think about flexibility, a putting green which you can move outdoors on a beautiful sunny day may be for you.

Our pick of the best home putting greens

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This nine feet by three feet kidney-shaped putting green will keep you practicing through the winter. Its shape means you can try a variety of shots and it feels a lot like an actual putting green. It features three holes to give range to your drills, and its built-in sand traps will catch the balls you mis-hit. The high-quality surface, made of a PET resin is very hard-wearing and can be used on a covered outside area, such as a patio, without risking damage.  It will stay smooth even if you use it a lot and it has a sticky backing so it will not slip if you need to put it on a tiled floor. It rolls and unrolls smoothly, but you need to be careful not to roll it too tightly, or it will fold. It is easy to clean, by sweeping with a household broom.

Pros: The high-quality putting surface stays smooth and is good enough to feel like a very well kept putting green on a real golf course. The built-in sand traps are a valuable design feature, meaning you do not have to chase around the house picking up golf balls.

Cons: Slightly smaller than stated in the product description. It needs to be rolled out and left to settle on arrival, so don’t expect to use it immediately.

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This product can be rolled up and put away and brought out for play in a matter of minutes, so it is a perfect choice if you do not have a permanent place to keep your putting mat at home. You could even take it to the office. At ten feet, it is long enough to stretch your putting skills. An excellent feature is the different putting zones from 1 foot to 8 foot measured putting lengths.

The SharperGolf Putting Mat system includes a putting mirror so that you can practice the perfect setup and putting stroke every time as well as a storage bag and putting drills.

 This mat also comes with markings to help with alignment. Lays flat instantly and has a non-slip backing which keeps it in place while you’re practising. It feels thick and robust and should last well

Pros: This putting mat has lots of advantages, it is easy to set up and easy to put away and stays smooth every time. The putting mirror is useful and the storage bag makes it easily portable.

Cons: The grain on the rug does influence your put so it’s something to be aware of.

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This is a large putting green at nine feet by fifteen feet. It’s StarPro Master Putting Turf (MPT) is engineered to feel like real grass. It is cut to half an inch and is backed with non-slip rubber giving a true roll when you putt the ball. It is hard wearing and comes with an eight-year warranty and can be used outdoors as well (it comes with both indoor and outdoor putting cups). Its kidney shape maximizes the putting area, and there are five holes to putt towards. The cups have been designed to retain the ball if you have made a good shot. If the ball is mis-hit, it will bounce out of the cup. The nine-hole tournament pattern provides plenty of challenges, and it can be used by up to four people at once, so it is a great social tool as well as a golf training aid.

It can be easily installed by a competent DIY amateur if you are going to use it inside, but you may need some professional help if you are going to put it outside.

Pros: High quality, durable and non-directional surface. The rubber base makes it very stable. Realistic cups and turf

Cons: You may need a professional installation. Expensive

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This competitively priced product comes in two sizes. It feels thick and is comfortable to stand on.  It has a waterproof rubber base so it can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is a very robust product, with an expected life of up to eight years. It is waterproof and sturdy enough to be left outside for some time, overnight for example. Its high-quality backing means it rolls out smooth, without creases or folds as soon as you take it out of the box. The ball runs true, and it feels like a real putting green. It is easy to clean as well. The variety of holes, Including a bunker, allows you to practice putting from different angles and the stainless-steel cups are of good quality and attractive design. The varying grass lengths is an excellent feature and replicate conditions of real putting greens. The longer grass, being nearly four inches long, simulates fringe conditions on the course as well.

Pros: The sturdy putting green surface will take a lot of use both indoors and outdoors. It rolls out easily with minimum folding and creasing. The inclines and bunker are a really nice touch.

Cons: The cups are quite shallow

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The FORB Home Golf Putting Mat is an excellent budget option. You get a lot of putting mat for your money here. With three putting holes, there is a variety to allow you to practice different shots and angles. It is straightforward to transport this mat to the office or around the home as it is lightweight. It comes in a choice of two lengths, ten feet and twelve feet so you can get in some mid-range putting practice. It is satisfyingly thick, and also has a two-inch raised incline, a great feature in a putting mat at this price. The rubber backing means it is easy to roll out on a variety of surfaces and it does not crease or fold. You can get a smooth surface which replicates a real putting green, and the ball will roll true. It gives the speed on a firm green on the course when it is put on a hard floor, such as wood or tiles.

Pros: The polyester construction does not crease. The incline is a useful training feature and unusual in a putting mat at this price. It is an easy putting mat to roll up and store.

Cons: The foam backing is not very hardwearing

Best Home Putting Green – Our choice

The putting greens we have featured here cover a big price range and have a wide range of features, so which is best depends on what you want. We think the No products found. is the best if you’re going to get in some serious practice when you cannot get to the course. The bunker , realistic play and small inclines will give yur golf game a real workout.