Best Golf Swing Analyzer – 5 ways to Improve your game fast

Best golf swing analyzer
The swing analyzers on the market now give you the sort of power to unpick your game and measure your shots which would only have been available to the top PGA tour players even a few years ago. There’s more computing power there than took us to the moon all those years ago. It’s a marvelous but complicated world, and one we want to show you around it so you can get the best golf swing analyzer for your needs. So welcome to our tour of the future here now.

What makes up a golf swing?

Using information from your swing (through a device on your golf glove or on your club), it breaks down the angles, speed and other factors which make up your swing.
To get a better picture of how this works, it will help us to take an in-depth look at what a golf swing is. Then we will know what we are analyzing, which should be a good start.
It is all about energy, the point of the swing is to get kinetic energy from the clubhead to the ball. To maximize this energy, you need a stance which gives you a low center of gravity, so you keep balance. You need a wrist and knee action which transmits that energy through the body and rotation and transfer of body weight which puts maximum power into the club. The muscles of your body, the weight of your body, the position and rotation of your shoulders and your hips must all be correct to deliver the maximum energy. All these movements must be perfectly controlled, the mechanics of the swing are actually more important than power.
The control and precision are all important, and that is where golf swing analyzers come in. The principle behind the technology is simple. Every aspect of your golf swing can be recorded, high-powered computing technology can crunch up all the data and measure it, comparing it to a perfect swing in the circumstances, the results can be delivered to you in a form you can easily understand and suggestions can be made which will them improve your game.

What do you need in a swing analyzer?

Now we have seen that there is a is a lot going on in your golf swing, we can get onto looking at the trackers themselves. It’s a big market now, with different technologies to suit all skill levels and pockets, from simple trackers to super machines which can video analyze and play back your actions.
What you do need in a swing analyzer above all is ease of use, something which neatly fits onto a golf glove or a golf club and does not get in the way of your game. Some analyzers now come with 14 separate trackers which can fit onto each of the clubs into your golf bag. The best goes a step beyond even that, keeping all the info on your performance with that particular club. This is great; it means if you are taking out a club you haven’t used for a few days, immediately you will know how well you did last Thursday or whenever and can get improving straight away.
You need to be able to get to all the information quickly and when you want it. That’s there for you, the technology similar to that in your smartphone enables you to download the results on the spot. How cool is that? You can analyze your game as you actually play and improve in real time.
Next up as essentials in your swing analyzer are accuracy and speed. Precision is all in golf. The difference between winning a round, lowering your handicap and the embarrassment of getting stuck in the rough can be a matter of millimeters on the face of your golf club. Transferring the energy from your body to the club to the ball is an immensely complicated set of actions.
A good golf analyzer can break down that swing action into its component part, so you get the information which will tell you precisely what it is you need to improve: swing path, swing rhythm and orientation of the club face will all be analyzed.  You no longer have to guess what went wrong when the ball veers off to the right or goes into the sand, your analyzer will tell you, and it will also show you how to put it right.
The best analyzers will give you a 3D representation of your swing and suggestions about the modification you can make. Innovations are being made all the time. You can now have the latest artificial intelligence to help you too. The latest devices are able to store not just your stats, but information about courses and how other players have played the course. Some will also give you strategic suggestions about every hole. Some do more than this and come with range finding technology. Then there are those analyzers which have a group function so you can compare your scores with your golf buddies even if you are not playing with them at the time. That takes the friendly competition to a whole new level.
Finally, you will need a good bright display on the device. It is no good having loads of information if you cannot see it and understand it. So, in our recommendations, we have also only recommended the most user-friendly devices.
One last mention, there is also another class of golf analyzer for use and practice at home. If you have difficulty keeping motivated over the winter, then these are for you. The best of them also have a social function so you can compare your home practice with your golfing buddies. We think that is just great, not only can you keep up your skills, you can also keep up with your pals.

Time to choose the Best Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf swing analyzers are still new, and they can take some getting used to. We have chosen ones which are accurate and relatively easy to use. We would advise you to take a serious look at them. They can improve your game very quickly, and they are great fun too.

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This Zepp Golf 2 uses high-powered computing, with dual accelerometers and dual 3-axis gyroscopes to analyze in 3D and will measure club speed, club plane, tempo, and backswing length. Instant feedback and the Smart coach in the device enable you to personalize your training, with examples for top professional players and instructors. This targeted help will help you use its feedback to help you overcome your faults. Its battery has up to eight hours life and is rechargeable, it takes an hour and a half to charge. You can record your swing in high definition and compare it to professional players. It comes with a sensor and a glove mount, and the USB charger.
It measures the speed of your swing and more, identifying your style and how it can improve. It can help you correct your weakest strokes and can keep your game consistent. If you find you are taking more shots and you cannot work out why this product will tell you. It also has a companion website which will make it easier for you to identify your swing and work to improve it.
It is sensitive and is accurate, but if the clubs are not handled carefully, it can record shots which you haven’t made.
Can be used indoors. Lots of technology for the money. Good instruction videos and website.
Occasionally it records a ghost shot.

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This system has 14 sensors which fit on each club and automatically record and analyze every shot. It will measure exactly how far each shot has gone and what you need to do to make that shot better. The sensors come with a two-year warranty. It analyzes using Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and Tour Analytics. It can help you identify which club to use in any circumstance. Its caddie function can tell you the best strategy for any hole and any course, with a database of more than one hundred and twenty million shots from over forty thousand golf courses. It is entirely hands-free and requires no setting or changing once you are out there playing. You can forget it until you need its advice. This updated version had smaller sensors and a better battery. There is a free mobile app which connects with the system, and it works with both Apple and Android. You will need to keep the phone close, on your belt or in your pocket for the system to work correctly.
The caddie function is on subscription only, and you will have to play a monthly fee. Regarding the Caddie function, it has a tournament setting which will ensure you stay within golf rules if you are using it for tournament play.
It is very accurate and only registers actual strokes, not practice swings or movement inside of the golf bag.
The batteries are non-replaceable.

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This is the swing analyzer which speaks to you. It features a distance voice output which will analyze your shot in real time, simultaneously the visual display will show the speed of the ball, the carry distance and more. It is very accurate, as long as you input the loft angle of each of your clubs as you set up the system, it even takes air pressure into account when calculating. Its accuracy compares well to much more expensive systems.
You will need to make sure the device is at the correct distance from the golf ball and that the golf ball is of good quality. Otherwise, it will not work well. It has an extra setting which enables you to compete with a friend over 10 shots, and it will analyze who was the most accurate. It is a handy device if you are trying to vary your shots and want to know what is working best for you. You can use it at home, you just need a real golf ball.
Outstanding customer support if you have trouble setting it up or getting used to the device when it comes out of the box.
It is a stand-alone device, it does not link with a phone. It is more accurate on good shots than on mis-hits.

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This product has been developed by a start-up company, founded by a software engineer with interest in sports psychology. It is a wearable device which clips onto your belt. It works with sensors which you fit on the grip of each of your clubs. Will automatically track your shots. It works with both Android and Apple phones and gives feedback through your phone via a Bluetooth connection, the phone app is free. Some features are permitted under tournament rules.
The data is instantly visible on your phone, and the GPS technology gives precise information on your location.
It is accurate and gives lots of data, such as distances and shot analysis. You will need to tag each club as you make the shots to ensure it measures and stores the data, which you can then upload to your phone and analyse after you have finished playing.
It will help you know your distance range and choose clubs better. Its social function allows you to share stats with your golf buddies and create challenges and online competitions.
Pros: GPS range finding capability. Inexpensive. Challenge function lets you compete against friends.
Cons: the tracking beep can be annoying and cannot be disabled.

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This is a well-priced product which delivers swing analysis in real time through a device on the top of your golf club using Bluetooth motion sensors and your smartphone. Its design is good, small enough to be unobtrusive on the club and well designed enough to stay firm and not move even during repeated swings. It is accurate and will give you a lot of data, it measures your swing at address, takeaway, the top halfway through your downswing and at impact and then tells you the arc of your swing in three views, the position of the club face when you hit the ball, the club head speed and the timing of your swing.
Its unique selling point is its live remote gold instruction function, called MobiCoach. This is only available on IOS phones at the moment, but the manufacturers promise an Android version is coming soon. This gives access to top coaches from top schools such as the Troon Golf Academy and the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf. The system mirrors your and a coach’s screen so you can watch them analyze your faults and give advice.
It also offers hands-free video recording which you can upload and receive analysis. It has a social function so you can share your progress with friends.
Easy to set up and simple to use.
Only one sensor, so you need to clip and unclip it.  The alignment device is a bit flimsy.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer – Our choice

The No products found. does it here with its sensors for every club, its ease of use and its accuracy. But it is the caddie function which gives it the edge. It’s a shame its batteries are non-replaceable, and hopefully, the company will rectify this soon.