Best golf mats: Our top 5 choices

Best golf mats

In a cold climate, you may feel you are severely disadvantaged as you practice your sport. While those lucky golfers in the warm states such as Florida California and Arizona can keep hitting right through the year, you cannot. You are stuck inside, and your skills are slipping. And you miss the game.

If you are in this situation, you may have considered purchasing a golf mat, or perhaps finding a driving range where you can use one. There is a lot on the market. We thought some guidance on what is out there and the best golf mats for your needs would be useful. However, if you want a quick pick we like No products found. if you have the space.

Is it worth getting a golf mat?

The short answer is yes. It is a great and convenient way to practice in all weathers.

We know lots of people who find a golf mat invaluable in the winter. You can set up in the garage and practice as often as you can. You will be surprised at how much you can improve. A buddy of ours practiced his putting every week over last winter. And we saw just how much he had come along when we went out to play with him in the spring. His hard work paid off, and his handicap is now coming down.

What size should you choose?

The most important consideration is the space you have. You will need a fair amount of space if you are going to use a big golf mat at home. A big garage with a net to catch the balls is ideal. Or you can use your yard when it is not too cold or raining. Choose a wall where it is safe to hit the shots.

There are some excellent smaller mats available if you’re short of space. Just roll the mat up and take it inside after the practice.

What should you look for in the best golf mats?


However good you are when you take your golf shots, you will sometimes mis-hit and dig into the mat. Therefore, the prime quality of any mat is it has to be tough. Look for a mat which has a minimum number of seams as they are a weak point. Also, check that it has a lot of ‘grass.’ The denser the surface is, the longer it is likely to last.


Most players like a feel to a golf mat which is the closest possible to the real thing that is closest to real grass. There are some mats which have a variety of lengths on the surface so you can practice being in the rough as well as at the tee box and on the fairway. Mats are usually rubber-backed, or silicone backed.


The worse thing about golf mats is their tendency to move around when you are using them. It makes it more difficult to keep control of your shot. The heavier the mat, the less likely it is to shift. Choose a mat with a thick backing as that will make it more stable. But remember, if you are going to move it around you want something heavy enough not to slip but light enough so you can easily carry it.


You want a mat which reacts like real grass. It needs to have some give, that is some reaction when you hit the ball. You need this to get a proper feel for the ball. There is no point in practicing unless you can be sure that your ball is doing what it would do on a real golf course. For this, you need a mat which is not too hard and has a dense surface. These features will also protect you against injury, which is a real problem with some golf mats. If you regularly hit on a hard surface, you are putting too much pressure on your hands and wrists and elbows as there is a shock going through your upper body. It can result in strains and muscle pulls.

Best golf mats

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The Real Feel golf mat has a specially designed surface which replicates a real golf course well. It has a ‘long fiber’ system which works to absorb shocks from the clubhead when you hit the ball. It is so good that it will not forgive inaccurate shots, a frequent problem with golf mats. If you hit the ground in front of the ball, the club will dig in, just as on the course, rather than gliding over. It is an advantage in indoor practice. Many golfers report going back onto the course in the spring and hitting fat shot after fat shot because their practice mat never punished them for doing so. If you make a good shot, you will also benefit as the mat will replicate proper levels of spin and ball compression.

The system will eliminate the bounce you can get on some golf mats. As well as making your practice more realistic it will also protect your wrists and elbows from injury.

It comes in a variety of sizes. The three feet by four feet and the four feet by four feet are very popular. It is very durable and will last even if you practice every day.

It is designed to take a real golf tee. You can push this into the mat at the height you use out on the course. It makes the experience of using the mat very close to teeing off on a real course.


  • Gives a very realistic experience and is very durable.


  • The robust, durable construction does make it heavy and quite difficult to maneuver.

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This P4G mat is large, foldable and has a good thickness designed to replicate the real thing. It aims to be as forgiving as the real grass surface on an actual golf course. It is designed for both inside and outside and is perfect for both professional and hobby golfers. When you make a good shot, you will get an accurate range and spin.

The mat is large, measuring three feet by five feet and is contained in a plastic frame. With 12mm Nylon Turf and 10mm EVA Base, it gives just the right feel when hitting a ball.


  • Large size.
  • Thick foam rubber backing replicates turf well.


  • Some durability issues if you’re a heavy hitter.

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This small portable mat comes in two sizes, measuring eight inches by sixteen inches or one foot by two feet. It simulates grass well with a turf-like surface. A little mat like this is a perfect choice for the inside of the house or even the office. It has a sturdy rubber underside which is dense and firm; this will stop the mat slipping and sliding. The rubber does give off a slight rubbery smell, especially when the mat is new.

It is a good mat for players at all levels of the game. A useful feature for beginners is a sloping front edge. It means you are less likely to crash into the mat on a downswing, a move which can be very off-putting and wreck your confidence when you are just starting.

Because it is small, it is not the best choice for someone who has never played before. The chances of you missing the mat altogether are too high. But anyone with a couple of hours of coaching under their belt will be fine.

It comes with a tee-holder, so you get that aspect of practice as if you are out on the course. It also has a space for fixing on the front if you want to screw it to a surface.


  • Small and easily portable but still giving a good simulation of playing on grass.


  • The fixed rubber tee is not included but sold

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The United States company Dura promise make their pro golf mats wholly in the USA. They are smooth and durable and contain no glue. All the seams are industrially bonded and thermally welded, this will give extra wear and longevity. It also means there are no ridges when you are playing.

This structure of this mat is one hundred percent high-quality nylon. The nylon is knitted not woven, which gives a higher density. It means it has a good feel and it is designed to absorb shock from the golf clubs. The new versions have a construction which is thirty percent denser and use specially designed dura pro tough turf. It will not shed or wrinkle even after intensive use.

The mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They come with protection against ultraviolet light so you can use the mat outdoors with no worries. It can be kept outdoors for long periods, and it will still be fine. The manufacturers recommend that you turn it from time to time to ensure even wear.

They are colorfast so they will not stain your clubs. The mat can be used with all clubs. It will take a wooden tee, although the manufacturers recommend rubber tees for inexperienced golfers and caution when you use irons. It includes two tee holes and two rubber tees.


  • It comes with an eight-year warranty.
  • Very tough and durable even if kept outside.


  • Will fit into a wooden frame, but you should check the manufacturing tolerances and conditions before doing this.

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This golf mat is a perfect budget buy, ideal for backyard practice. It is small enough to quickly move and install anywhere in your home or your garden.

A small portable mat, which can be used with woods, drivers, and irons. It is three feet by five feet so is plenty big enough and is three-quarters of an inch thick. It fits easily in a small backyard, garage, patio or garden and is safe to use on hard surfaces.

Resistant to tears, fading, curling and separation with the addition of ultra-violet protection for years of use.

It is small enough, so you can use it at home and take it to the driving range as well.


  • Fantastic budget option that’s a good size.
  • Durable and nearly indestructible


  • The hit is very firm, if you’re doing along practice session you’ll feel it!
  • It can slide about a bit so you may need to secure it.

Best golf mats our choice

This does depend on the space you have. If you have a big area, then the No products found. it is a beautiful product. Not only does it take a real tee but it gets rid of the ‘bounce’ problem that many other golf mats have.