Best golf irons for mid handicappers


It feels great as you get better at golf. Your handicap starts coming down, and you begin winning rounds. If you are at this stage, you have a decision to make. Do you upgrade your clubs? Here are some of the considerations if you are looking for the best golf irons for mid handicappers.

Are you a mid-handicapper?

Do you shoot well into the eighties in every round? Can you break ninety and not regard it as a fluke? If it sounds like you, then you are well on your way towards becoming a mid-handicapper. If your handicap is lower than seventeen and is coming down, then you are getting there. Congratulations, now let’s look at the irons you will need to keep up the excellent work No products found.

When should I buy new clubs?

The first thing is to consider how you feel about your current clubs. If you don’t like your clubs anymore, it might be time to change. Are they holding you back? Are you hitting short? If you feel you could be making better shots with a more sophisticated iron, then it is time to get out your checkbook.

Should I buy new golf irons first?

I would say yes. There are three reasons for this.

Your irons make up a large part of your golf bag, over half of your clubs are irons. So logically half your shots are dependent on these clubs. If you get your choice of these clubs right, your game will transform.

Secondly, as we are always saying on this site, golf is a mental game. If you are unhappy with your clubs, if you feel they are holding you back then change. Your confidence will get the sort of boost, which will improve your game.

Better irons will help you shoot longer, and you can often make those birdies which are now in your grasp as a mid-handicapper.

Does my choice of clubs make a difference?

If you do not practice, then the best golf clubs in the world will not help you. But if you do practice and you are getting better, then the tools you use do matter. Beginners clubs are great for forgiveness, but they do limit your game. New clubs can improve your accuracy. If you feel your clubs are limiting you, it may be time to go up to the next level.

Is the new technology as good as the hype?

Equipment manufacturers can exaggerate, but there have been improvements in recent times. If you have been playing with the same irons for years, you will notice a big difference. For example, six irons have a lower loft, up to three degrees. But new design means that even with this reduced loft the ball still gains similar height, but it goes further. Using the same skills, you will hit the ball yards more. Who doesn’t want that?

Manufacturers have developed new materials for your golf irons. It makes them lighter and stronger. It has also meant a greater variety in the flex of the shafts, so you can choose a club which exactly suits your game. You will swing faster and more accurately.

Club heads have also improved a lot. Precision engineering has been the change here. It means that clubs have much more sophisticated sweet spots. So, you will be forgiven mis-hits while improving accuracy.

What are the pitfalls of buying a new set of irons?

Be careful not to go too far. Clubs which professionals use might not be best for you. Avoid blades for this reason. Also, avoid three and four irons (in many modern sets these are replaced by fairway woods). Make sure the club heads have a sizeable sweet spot (pick a club which is not solid metal on the back of the clubhead).

What features to check for in your new irons

Try out graphite shafts if your swing speed is still quite low. Otherwise, go for a steel shaft. Choose your flex based on your swing speed and your strength.

Go for a cavity back on your club head. It usually goes along with perimeter weighting, which will mean more forgiveness in your club. Go for a medium-wide sole. It will improve your chances of making a shot even when you dig in before you hit the ball. But you do not want a very wide sole as you will lose precision. A very wide sole on your golf iron means you have less control over the shot.

You may think it is time to move on from an offset hosel. The point of an offset hosel is to help you get the ball in the air. If you have developed the skills to do this already, then you can take advantage of a standard hosel. It will allow you more flexibility of shot. Try out different clubs before you make a firm decision.

Best golf irons for mid handicappers

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These clubs are an excellent choice for golfers playing off a mid-handicap. If you are about to break eighty, it will be well worth you taking a look at this set of clubs. The club face has been improved over previous models and will enable you to hit the ball a good way further. It can be customized, and you can choose the irons which suit you. They come in a variety of flexes and weights and are available for both right- and left-hand golfers. The sweet spot does its job and will give a lot of forgiveness. The shaft is light and responsive and will help you achieve a high, firm, and straight ball flight.


  • Designed for mid handicappers and adapted to their skill level.
  • Great looks
  • A wide choice of flexes, materials, and weights to suit all golfers
  • Will help you get the ball further.


  • Low handicappers will not get the most out of their game with these clubs so prepare to change again as you improve.
  • The club face is very forgiving, but that can make it hard to judge when you have mis-hit the ball.
  • Not the hardest wearing clubs on the market

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This set from well-known manufacturers TaylorMade is an upgrade on their existing M2 range. And it has been worth the wait. The difference is marked and well worth having as you move into the mid-handicapper range. These clubs look better and perform better.

They have a large sweet spot, and it is hard to mis-hit the ball. The long irons in the set have a cavity behind the face to ensure more distance and forgiveness.

It has a RIBCOR system which transfers energy to the ball to increase distance and accuracy as well. It has a stiff clubhead perimeter which gives an enhanced sound when you hit the ball. It gives you good feedback as to the accuracy of your shot. It has a speed pocket which helps on low face shots.


  • A lovely crisp sound when you contact the ball. You will know when you have made a perfect shot
  • A variety of lofts to suit your game
  • The design will help you get the right trajectory on the ball


  • As you develop super-accuracy and finesse, you may want to upgrade again.
  • These clubs are more for power than for pinpoint perfection.

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Cleveland has launched this set of golf irons to complement their well-known wedge sets for mid-handicappers. They are designed to give a lot of forgiveness and a good deal of accuracy. They look good, very sleek, and professional and are hard wearing.

The sole as a specially designed V shape which will help the ball move smoothly even if you hit it fat. The longer irons have a large cavity back, giving a big sweet spot. In the shorter irons, this sweet spot is smaller, so you have more control over your shorter shots. The degree of loft is engraved on the sole of the club so you can quickly choose when you are in the middle of the battle. A very well-designed set of irons which will increase your distance significantly as your skill level develops.


  • Forgiving and hard-wearing.
  • The matte finish looks very sleek and elegant.
  • Very easy to use at the first outing.
  • Engraving of the lofts on the clubs saves time and adds to confidence during play.


  • These are a good set of clubs for the player transitioning from high to mid-handicapper.
  • As you improve, you may want to swap some of the irons for ones with a smaller sweet spot so you can improve your accuracy.

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It is an excellent set of golf irons for those golfers who are moving fast towards a single digit handicap.

The clubs have a U-shaped sole which will help you stop digging into the turf as your swing improves.

The construction is a new development in the field and will give you a whole range of benefits. They are made of steel and reinforced with a trace of boron, providing extra strength in all the irons. It allows for a thinner clubface but one which will still wear well. The boron infusion will give you higher speed off of the ball. A milled pocket cavity means an excellent sweet spot and weight distribution which will forgive your off-center hits. The shorter irons are lighter and scaled for precision and will reward the very skilled golfer. There is a little offset on the hosel, which suits as you transition to being a low handicapper.


  • High-quality manufacture
  • Very hard wearing
  • The weighted club face will stand for the forgiveness of mis-hits
  • Designed to help you shape your shot
  • Will still be suitable when you are a low handicapper


  • It targets the higher-skilled golfer
  • Not as forgiving as some irons aimed at mid handicappers

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It is a less popular range of golf irons, but it is well worth taking a look at for the mid handicapper wanting to upgrade.

It is a perfect set of golf irons if you are at the stage where you want to work on shaping your shots. They combine accuracy and forgiveness in the same set of clubs. The sole of the club is robust but compact. It has been improved from the previous design to reduce impact resistance and tighten shot dispersion. You will have more control and consistency on your shots. There is a deep cavity on the back which is ideally positioned to get a firm contact with the ball. The manufacturers have added larger grooves to the club face. These grooves are double laser milled for maximum precision. It gives an excellent connection with the ball, even when you are playing in very wet conditions. You will find your ability to get spin on the ball is much improved once you get used to these clubs. They look slim and smooth with a good professional finish.


  • Consistent performance across the face
  • Light and easy to swing 
  • Low center of gravity and a lowered sweet spot for more natural crisp contact


  • You need to be skilled to get the most out of these clubs

Best golf irons for mid handicappers our choice

The choice of your clubs as a mid-handicapper will depend on your skill level and how willing you are to change your clubs again in a few years. But if you are serious about moving up the rankings and are prepared to keep up your practice, then I would recommend that you go for the No products found. set of golf irons.

It’s got good design and well made with top of the range technology. These irons are forgiving enough for you to enjoy now and will take you into the future. You will still enjoy playing with these clubs later in your golf career. They will take you forward as you get that handicap down into single figures.