Best golf hats – we’ve got you covered

Best golf hats

During visits to golf courses in Scotland and Hawaii, I found out that playing golf in all weathers can be tough. One thing for sure is, it makes you think hard about the golf gear you take with you if you are going to play in all conditions.

In Scotland, the constant rain is a challenge with visibility often a problem. To enjoy your golf, you need a degree of waterproofing if you avoid letting the wet and the rain affect your play.

In this article, I am concentrating on one bit of wear – the hat. Often more important than we often think it is.

Hats are useful in all weathers

There are two critical things about golf hats. It is essential to choose one which not only protects your head but helps with the visibility of the ball as you play.

You need it whatever the weather conditions. Some of the hats I review below can deal with the rain, and most of us will want to wear a hat in these conditions. The hats I recommend for rain tend to are manufactured in one piece, and of a fitted variety. The lightweight waterproof bucket hats are a great option here as they are comfortable as well as useful.

But I would recommend wearing a hat in the sun as well. Some of my golfing buddies wear just an ordinary sun hat. But I do not think that is the best choice.

I know from experience that a hat for hot weather matters. When I played on courses in Hawaii, there was a relentless sun and severe heat. In this condition, I decided it was best to look for a hat, which is both breathable and which also protects you from the sun. The breathability is determined by mesh hats or laser perforations at the back of the hat. The brim is also essential, and the most suitable sun hats typically have a curved visor to protect your eyes from the sun. The best of these hats are adjustable for comfort and protect you from sweat. New fabric development means there are a variety of moisture-wicking fabrics out there. Most sun hats have an adjustable band which has this moisture-wicking feature. Lightweight materials like polyester also make these hats more comfortable.

Make a fashion statement with the best golf hats

Styles have changed over the years, and golf hats are more than just useful addition to your kit these days. Many golfers now wear a hat as the norm; it is part of their identity. And there are no prizes for guessing that we are copying the professionals here.

There are several different styles of golf hats now.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have a downward sloping brim. They are most suitable for cold or wet weather. They are usually made of heavy-duty very robust materials such as canvas or denim. To make sure you stay cool and your head stays ventilated they come with eyelets on the sides. Mesh versions are available for summer wear.

Ball Caps

A ball cap is probably the most common type of hat seen on the golf course. Although it is not regarded as very fashionable at the moment, I think it has a lot going for it. And after all, Tiger Woods favors this style so it cannot be all bad.

Typically, it is soft and pliable with a rounded top or crown which makes it very comfortable. It has a stiff peak at the front which acts as a sun visor. If you buy this sort of cap check, it has a sweatband inside the hat. It will ensure you do not have sweat running down your face and into your eyes.


Some golfers hate the feeling of a hat on their head. One of my golfing buddies even claims that wearing a hat gives him a headache and ruins his game. If you have this problem, then there is a solution. The sun visor. It protects your eyes and means that you can still see the ball while your head can breathe. It consists of just a brim with a strap that goes around your head.

Visors are at the cutting edge of golf fashion at the moment. Many have a mesh inset for comfort, and most are adjustable for any head size.

While they keep your head cool, there may be a problem if you are a man of a certain age. If you are losing hair on top, a visor may not be for you. Perhaps a cap will give you the protection you need on that bald spot!

Lady golfers do not have this problem, of course, and this is no doubt a reason why visors are a trendy item with female golfers.

Wide-Brim Hats

These give fantastic protection from the sun. And they are regarded as very stylish and up-market. It is a style which you can happily wear on even the smartest golf course. Wide brim hats shield not only your head your face and neck as well.

Choosing the best golf hats

First of all, consider the season. You will need a different hat for winter and summer if you are an all-year-round golfer. There are visors if you do not like hats — the simple ball cap for good value and comfort. The bucket hat will keep you dry in rain and warm in winter. Then there is a considerable range of wide-brimmed hats to keep you protected and looking elegant.

Although many golfers prefer a classic golf hat, modern tour pros are mixing it up and making us question whether we should be bolder.

Many brands use a one size fits all for fitted caps, while some use adjustable straps for a customized fit.

Please see below the best hats we selected for 2021 to choose from:

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This beautiful hat is available in two different colors as well as two sizes. It has a structured fit with a stretch-fit contruction so there’s no messing around with straps. This ensures a perfect fit whatever the shape of your head, essential for maximum comfort. Not only that, it also has a moisture wicking fabric which will ensure your head stays dry.

What’s more, it has a clever bit of design; it is dark under the bill which helps reduce the sun’s glare. It is made of a lightweight performance fabric which adds to the comfort. The brim also feels robust and durable.


  • Solid shape and fits most.


  • Embroidery is a bit bold and there’s no room for adjustment

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This Callaway cap combines an unstructured design in white, blue, gray, red, and black mimicking the pro golfers on tour. It also has 30+ UV protection; it has a Velcro fastener for adjustability and a moisture-wicking sweatband — low profile Semi-Structured design. The embroidered lettering on the bill of the hat seems that is plastered on rather than sowed in like the rest of the hat. Even so, it’s comfortable to wear. This hat also fits well being true to size.


  • Comfortable and looks great


  • In white, it does get dirty quicker

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This mesh fitted cap has outstanding breathability. Manufactured from a soft and lightweight cotton twill. It comes in six colours and is adjustable via the tab at the back. Low-profile semi-structured design looks sleek and tidy.The size variation trying to cover small to medium, for example, means it doesn’t fit quite as snugly for some although the fabric does stretch a bit. The cooling sweatband is handy for hot days keeping you quite cool underneath. The bill is also curved to shade you from the sun.


  • Light and breathable


  • Although it’s a mesh-type fabric, it isn’t the most breathable

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This popular option features contrast stitching and is brilliantly breathable. It’s very well made and of high-quality fabric with good stitching for the logo. This hat comes in a massive choice of colors and sizes to please everyone. Unfortunately, some colors restrict the size you can buy. Some users report that the fit is not as expected given the size chart, so check your size to make sure there are no surprises before you buy.


  • very comfortable and excellent breathability


  • Some people report they don’t fit as expected

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As the name suggests, this is a bucket hat, which is waterproof and ideal for the Scottish weather I spoke about earlier in the article. Not only will it keep you warm in the winter, but It’s very comfortable and of lightweight construction (100% polyester) while it still has a moisture wicking sweatband. The sizes run smaller than the description. Good value for money. The brim is well sized to keep off the rain.


  • Ideal for wet weather and even winter


  • Fitting range is quite extensive with L-XL and S-M sizes, and it runs mostly smaller than advertised.

Best golf hats conclusion

Although we covered a few different types of hats, one which stands out and we recommend is the No products found.. It’s stylish and does what it’s supposed to do with perfect fit and comfort, excellent breathability, and moisture-wicking. The fact that Tour pros wear it is also an explicit endorsement of its capabilities.