Best golf grips for humid weather


A friend of mine had the golfing trip of a lifetime recently. He went to China and played on some of its new golf courses. He had a great time, but there was one problem. In some areas of China, humidity is very high, and his hands got sore and uncomfortable.

It doesn’t happen just in China. Anyone who plays in summer might have found issues.

Luckily there is a solution — golf grips specially designed for high humidity.

We’ll come onto this a bit later. I did want to talk a bit about playing in humid conditions. It can affect your play. However, if you want a quick pick we like No products found. their technology is hard to beat.

What is humidity?

There is water in the air all around us. If it is not raining, it is in the form of water vapor. High humidity is a problem when it is hot, as hot air holds more water vapor. When there is high humidity, the sweat we give off to cool ourselves does not evaporate. We feel sticky and uncomfortable.

How humidity affects our golf game

Most golfers believe their ball goes farther when they are playing in the summer compared to the winter. Researchers have found this is not just a golfer myth. The golf technical guys at Trackman say if the temperature increases by ten degrees the ball will go about a yard and a half further.

Golf grips: the five basics you should know

Grip size

Grips come in four sizes, and you can customize by using grip tape. Make sure you choose the most comfortable size. Too small and you will pull on the ball, to large and you will slice the shot.

Grip material

Most grips are synthetic or rubber, when you are playing in humid conditions, you may prefer to play with corded grips. They will stop your hands from slipping because they give extra traction.

The surface texture of the grip

The pattern on the grip matters. If you are playing in humid conditions, a rougher surface is preferable as it will stop your hands slipping.

Firmness of grip

It is about your skill level and your swing speed. If you are a low handicapper with high swing speed, then a very firm grip will suit you. If you are a rookie, try grips, which you can find marketed as ‘comfort grips.’ These suit golfers with lower swing speed. They feel tackier, which can give confidence, but they do not provide the torsion control of a firm grip.

Grips for humid conditions

As we have already said, corded grips can be handy in damp conditions. But some golfers find them uncomfortable. They are quite abrasive and can make the hands sore. If you do not like cord grips, we recommend grips with a dense pattern and surface texture. It will give enough tackiness to stop the club slipping even if your hands are sweaty. Avoid smooth grips if you are playing in humid conditions.

The five best golf grips for humid weather

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This is an excellent choice for an all-around non-slip golf grip. It is designed for all weather play but stands up very well to humid conditions as it is soft comfortable and give a feeling of tackiness. The company which makes these grips, Winn has pioneered the use of new hi-tech materials for golf grips.  

This range features multiple polymer compounds and, it feels very soft and tacky to give a stable and comfortable grip. This feel holds even in humid conditions and, your hands will not get sore even if you do not wear golf gloves. They are shock absorbent and feel very comfortable.

If you like a golf grip with some padding; this is a good choice. They look good and come in a variety of colors. They are easy to install. Many golfers with large hands report that they are a perfect choice. You can buy them for individual clubs or get a whole set for every club in your golf bag.


  • Good for all conditions
  • Works well in humid conditions but you can keep these grips through the winter as well.


  • Not especially durable
  • Feel quite soft, low handicappers may prefer a firmer grip.

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The designers of the Pure Grips DTX range have worked with the famous golf instructor Hank Haney who has coached professionals as famous as Tiger Woods. It is an excellent grip. Its characteristic feature is a no-slip texture which is high traction and so is the answer if you have sweaty hands.

Some golfers who like the feel of a corded grip, but find cord makes their hand sore have found this grip is the answer to their problems. It has an elegant design and comes in a variety of colors so that you can match your golf grips to your golf clubs. They are easy to install. You can even use an air compressor to put them on your clubs which means you can change the grips from club to club any time you want. Alternatively, you can use the traditional grip tape and solvent.


  • The corded feel to the texture ensures your hands will not slip. You will feel you have complete control over your all your shots and play at your best.


  • Just like a corded grip, this is quite rough. If you have sensitive skin, you may find it makes your hands feel sore and uncomfortable.

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We know us golfers love the great technology which goes into the design of golf equipment and with this product technology has come to golf grips. It uses a form of patented brushed cotton, under the BCT label which promises a great all-weather grip, which is firm but comfortable.

A lot of thought has gone into these grips. They are absorbent enough to ensure that your hands do not slip, even in very humid conditions. In addition to the BCT material, they also use a unique rubber to give greater responsiveness when you make a golf swing. These two compounds, the BCT and the rubber, working together provide a very high tackiness to these grips.

You will find you can hold the club easily and naturally and not have to squeeze tightly. You can keep maximum flexibility and a natural swing with these grips. The fact that you do not have to grip your clubs too tightly also protects you against injury as you can keep your body movements fluid and natural. It comes in multiple colors so you can coordinate your grips with your clubs.


  • You can use the grips all year round and they are also excellent even in the most humid conditions.


  • Not the easiest grips to install

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Lamkin is one of the best-known makers of golf grips, and this is part of one of their most popular ranges. The company has bought all its expertise in this product. Not only does it use a Tri-layer technology which aims for a perfect feel in the hands. It also includes a patented material called an Advanced Cohesive Elastomer which seeks to deliver both absorbency and firmness. It makes it an excellent choice for any golfer who plays in humid conditions and suffers from wet and sweaty hands.

The grip is both comfortable and tacky. It has moisture wicking capacity which works even in the wet. Also it feels softer than many corded grips and is ideal for golfers who suffer from sore hands. It can also be used perfectly well in dry conditions. It is a perfect all-weather grip. As well as keeping your hands dry and comfortable, the grip will also improve your game, according to the manufacturers. The outer layer of the patented ACE material used to make these grips is designed to limit torque on the club and therefore control your shot dispersion.


  • It is a tremendous all-weather grip which performs just as well in humid conditions.


  • Fairly new to the market so their durability has not yet been tested out in the real world of ordinary golfers.

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Manufactured by well-established grip makers, Champkey, these are lighter golf grips which are responsive and have a nice feel. They have a cotton thread technology which gives both tackiness and absorbency. It also ensures a good anti-slip strength.

The lower part of the grip is soft and not too hard on the hands. It feels robust enough to give you great control and allow good feedback on each shot. You will be able to assess just how good your shots are when you are using these grips. The cotton thread technology and the soft feel make it a good all-weather choice so you will not need to change your grips too often. It will play well in humid conditions and in colder drier conditions.

They are not the easiest grips to, install, and the tape which is included in the package is not of the highest quality. Many golfers who like this grip use their own tape when they are installing the grips. Campkey backs this product with a one hundred percent money back guarantee.


  • An excellent all-weather product which works well in humid conditions as well.


  • They are quite difficult to install
  • The tape which accompanies the grips is not of the highest quality.

Best golf grips for humid weather our choice

Golf grip technology has come on in leaps and bounds recently. No products found. is leading the pack here. The Advanced Cohesive Elastomer material is both tacky and comfortable and a breakthrough in golf grip materials.