Best golf cart heaters, extending your play

Best golf cart heaters

Golf carts provide many fun experiences. If you use the golf cart during the colder days in spring, fall, and winter months, you need to invest in a high-quality golf cart heater.

Why you should buy a heater for your golf cart

Golf cart users interested in a heater are on the right track. There are many benefits which you may not have realized. Below are some of the advantages a golf cart heater gives you:

  • Ensures that your golf cart keeps warm on long cold golf courses
  • They tend to be easy to install
  • They will keep your hands warm.
  • It will give you an advantage over your colder companions.
  • They are great if you want to introduce your children to golf. You can get them out on the course and keep them warm as well.

Golf cart heaters: your questions answered

Although for the most part, the golf cart heaters featured below are easy to use, you might want to find a few things about how they operate. Here are a few answers to the most frequently answered questions:

How safe are they?

The golf cart heaters come equipped with many safety devices. Ensure you follow the instructions in the manuals. Especially important from a safety point of view are those about firing and sometimes cooling the heaters down before removing them from the cart.

What is the tip-over switch?

It is a switch which turns the heater off if it falls over. And we all know you may have to stop your golf cart suddenly or find yourself on a slope. This feature gives you peace of mind. It is an essential feature to prevent fires. Make sure you attach the heater properly in the first place, but if there is an accident you will be safe with the tip-over switch.

Which is best: electric or propane?

The main factors in your choice of heater are convenience and cost. If you go for a propane heater, remember that you will have to keep on buying the cylinders ad you use up the gas. But you might decide this inconvenience is worth it as propane heaters do produce superior heating in your cart.

Electrical heaters are more convenient as there is nothing to replace. They do have a disadvantage, though. The electrical heaters connect to the golf cart’s electrical supply. Therefore, they can drain the battery. Cost may be another factor in your choice. The propane heaters, especially the portable ones, are cheaper than the electrical versions. 

Do golf heaters require maintenance?

The best quality golf cart heaters are manufactured with minimal maintenance in mind. For propane heaters, you should be aware that they need cleaning reasonably regularly. If they start to emanate nasty smells, then it is time for a clean. When you are handling the heater, be careful with the screen. If you damage it, you might have to replace the whole thing.

I can’t start my heater; what can I do?

You need to ensure the connection to the power source is OK. Make sure the propane tank is attached correctly and is not empty. For electrical heaters, check the plug. Also, check that the battery has not drained and gone dead.

Why is the heater making loud noises?

Some heaters make a hum during operation. That is normal. There are some which can be a bit louder than a hum. You should be aware of rattling noises or rhythmic clanks; this is not normal. In this case, have the unit checked immediately.

What is the best placement for heaters?

Try to use a flat surface in your cart. You need to attach it to such a surface to increase stability and minimize the chances of your heater falling off. Then think of your comfort and safety. So, place them at least three feet from yourself and any passengers in your cart. If you do not do this, you may become too hot and uncomfortable. And that will not improve your game or your enjoyment of the course.

Recommended instructions for use

For most high-quality heaters, the instructions are reasonably straightforward. They will include the steps below:

  • Make sure the heater is connected to its power source. Connect your electrical heater to a cigarette lighter socket or power socket in the cart. Attach the propane tank to the heater.
  • Placement of the heater. Make sure is attached to its base and place it where it doesn’t impede normal driving. The usual place for it might be a cup holder.
  • Adjust the heating level. The heaters usually come with different settings for the heating level. Choose the optimal one for you (experiment when you first make your purchase) and stick to it.
  • Turn off the heater when you get out to play your shot. Ensure that you turn off the heater to avoid draining the battery or for the propane ones, the cylinder.
  • De-attach the heater from the cart. You might need to wait for the heater to cool down first. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, and it should be cool enough. Then, In the case of an electrical heater, unplug it. For propane ones, you might have to unscrew the cylinder from the rest of the heater.

Top 5 Golf cart heaters

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It outputs 4000 BTUs (roughly 5.5 hours of operation)

It has an oxygen depletion system and tip-over switch for ease of use. The oxygen depletion sensor also keeps you safe on the golf course. It also has a wind-resistant protective screen. The ergonomic carrying handle is handy too. It is relatively light for ease of carrying. It uses propane gas, which might be a disadvantage as you have to keep on replacing the cylinders. It’s top-heavy so might need additional stabilization to prevent it from toppling over. You can also buy an adapter for refilling for a little extra cost. There’s also no manual heat adjustment. In spite of the minor disadvantages, it does what it sets out to do, which is to keep the golf cart warm when you need it.


  • relatively long runtime of 5.5 hours given its size.
  • Push-button operation.
  • Tiered cup holder


  • Sometimes hard to find on the market.  
  • It is top-heavy and might need additional stabilization to prevent it from toppling over.

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It lasts up to seven hours on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (Not included)
A 3000 BTU ceramic heater element prevents heat damage to the heater on long trips.
It has a stainless-steel regulator with a safety grid, auto shut-off valve. Can be a bit noisy during operation.
The Piezo matchless electronic ignition is also safe and reliable. It’s sold with a cup holder as well.


  • Seven hours of operation is excellent.
  • Matchless ignition.


  • Requires frequent maintenance to make sure the gas inlet doesn’t get blocked by dirt.

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The Climate Caddy heater is electrical. It has a silent whisper fan for up to 900 F/M of air movement. The bi-level vent system points air where needed. Electronic eye detection allows operation only while you are in the cart. The adjustable cup-base fits every golf cart model and rotates to face the driver. Battery fail-safe sensor prevents premature battery drain by not operating if the total battery charge drops below 43V.

The adjustable cup-base fits every golf cart model and rotates. It is also compact.
Handy color-coded LED indicator light alerts. Built-in energy management system individually powers each heating element to produce maximum heat with less battery drain.


  • The battery is easy to recharge.
  • It produces minimal noise during operation.
  • Most golf carts can use it.


  • The capacity of the battery is lower than in other models

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It is a mini electrical portable utility heater with two settings and automatic thermostat control. There’s a 4-position function switch for off, fan only, low heat, or high heat. What’s more, it features a power indicator light, an internal heat-limiting thermostat and a thermal cut-off safety device. For safety, it also has an overheat protection circuit with warning light; It benefits from a built-in carrying handle. It measures approximately eight by seven by six inches.

This small fan makes it very portable. The fact that is compact makes it affordable. It also gives you a robust heating solution. The built-in handle is a nice feature, as well. Another advantage it has is the fact that it doesn’t tip over easily.


  • The compact design is ideal for golf carts.
  • Having a warning light prevents overheating
  • Various heating options.
  • Metal construction makes it more robust in comparison with the plastic models available.


  • The maximum heat level isn’t very high

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It is ideal for golf carts as it’s very portable. It has a durable stainless-steel burner. The pressure regulator on/off control valve adjusts burners up to 3,000 BTUs. It includes a molded plastic cup holder and large paddle foot plastic base which stores 16.4 oz of disposable propane fuel cylinder (Not in the sale package). An excellent addition is an auto shut off valve which cuts the supply if the flame goes out.

It benefits from 3-stage adjustability of the heat level – low/medium/high. It keeps the flame on even in windy conditions.

The fact that it produces this amount of heat giving its portability is commendable. It is also very stable even on bumpy golf courses.


  • Paddle foot base increases stability.
  • Auto-shutoff valve turns off fuel when flame goes out.
  • Stainless steel design.


  • It is a bit top-heavy with the propane tank.
  • The flame-based design may feel unsafe.
  • You have to hold the red button for 30 seconds to ignite the unit

Best golf cart heaters our top choice

With the high BTUs of 4000, No products found. has plenty of heat power to keep you warm. Having a tip-over switch and oxygen sensor, it is also very safe. Being compact it is also easy to carry.

The optional adapter for refilling the cylinders makes it very convenient as well. If your preference is a propane gas heater, you could do no worse for buying this model. Not entirely perfect but we still think it’s the best out of the bunch listed here.