Best golf cart accessories: Our top 5

Golf carts are designed to carry two golfers and their clubs around the course. They usually have a four-stroke engine and go at about fifteen miles an hour.

Some golf clubs offer storage facilities for members’ carts, so once you have made your purchase, it can live there.

Once you have purchased your cart, then you will want to the best golf cart accessories. You will be thinking about safety and ease of use and also what you want to carry to make your round of golf even more fun.

Some of these will depend upon the terrain of your golf course. If, for example, it is very hilly you might want to upgrade the motor to get you up the slopes. Most golf cart owners like to have mirrors for better visibility. Then there are those little add-ons to make life more enjoyable. Cooler trays and drinks holders, for example. And things which might improve your game, such as cleaner kits.

If you only have budget for one accessory we recommend AW 2 Universal Retractable Golf Cart 42Inch Seat Belts+ 35x6.9Inch Bracket Kit Compatible with EZGO Yamaha Club Car for additional safety.

Accessories for safety

These are extras which you should have.

Even though you will not be going very fast, you still need to take care. Believe it or not, there were one hundred and forty-eight thousand golf cart-related injuries in the United States in just sixteen years. Most of these are not very serious, but even if it is just a nasty bruise and a shock you want to avoid it.

Side rear-view mirrors are essential. You can see if anything is coming up behind just as if you were driving a car.

You can also purchase seat belt kits to hold you in tight as you go around bends. Many of the seat belts are adjustable, and you can easily fit them.

Accessories for comfort

Now you are safe you will want to make sure you are comfortable as well. We all know how unpleasant it can be to get stuck in a rain shower. It’s even worse if it is windy. If you have a golf cart, you can protect yourself. There are some great golf windshields on the market. These are made of heavy-duty vinyl and are easy to fit. The material ensures that they are long lasting and will cope with all but the fiercest weather.

Accessories for fun

Once you are safe and secure, it’s time to think of some fun items. One of the great things about a golf cart if you do not have to worry about the amount you carry. If it can fit into the vehicle, you are good to go.

One thing which many of us want is a drinks cooler. Being out on the course is thirsty work and if you have a cart of you make sure you always have a variety of ice-cold drinks for yourself and your golf buddies. There are coolers especially for golf carts which can hold cans packed neatly with ice. Delicious.

If you like the occasional cigar, then impress and amaze your golfing buddies by getting a clip-on cigar holder. Savor the aroma as you relax in your golf cart and admire the view.

If you are a music lover, you can upgrade your experience. Perhaps you listened to music through your phone as you trudged around the course. Now you can open up a whole new world. .You now have space for powerful speakers, and there are some of the market made especially for golf carts.

Accessories to improve your game

Having the extra space and convenience which your golf cart will give you means you can improve your game. You can make sure your clubs and golf balls are sparkling clean. It will provide you with more control every time you take a golf swing. You can get kits with a variety of brushes and solutions to keep that kit as good as any PGA tour player. You can also easily carry range finders and other technical aids. So choose your favorite without worrying about weight and bulk.

The five best golf cart accessories

Best golf cart mirrors

BETOOLL HW9008 Golf Cart Folding Side View Mirrors for Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, Star, Zone Carts
  • New Brand: pair (2) folding side view mirrors in box, 2 self-tapping screws universal mount, 5"X 7" Fold in fully adjustable
  • High Quality: the high impact plastic construction of the housing resists damage for years to come.
  • Easy Installation: includes all hardware for installation.Mirror folds back upon impact to keep the mirror from breaking
  • More Safety: Golf cart universal side mirrors-real glass lens of the mirror, give you non-distorted and ultra clear images, helping to reduce blind spots and ensure your driving safety

These folding side view mirrors come with a universal mount; they are fully adjustable and fold in when you do not need them. The mirrors also fold back on impact, so you need not fear accidents, if you have a small bump while driving around the golf course they should survive just fine.

The unique plastic frame construction makes them very hard wearing, and they have a real glass for clearer viewing. The metal parts are stainless steel and so will not rust and stay shiny and bright. At five inches by seven inches, they give a good full view. The mirrors are flat, not concave. They will fit on most golf carts and are very easy to install.


  • Very good looking and stylish.
  • They will improve the appearance of your golf cart.
  • They are robust and stable and will stay in place at normal golf cart speeds around the course.


  • If your golf cart has a folding windscreen, they are a bit more challenging to fit.
  • They need to have a metal surface to attach them. You might need a professional to do it.

Best golf club seatbelts

AW 2 Universal Retractable Golf Cart 42Inch Seat Belts+ 35x6.9Inch Bracket Kit Compatible with EZGO Yamaha Club Car
  • Suitable for golf carts, as following:TXT&RXV of EZGO, Yamaha Drive, or DS of Club Car
  • One bracket accommodates two seat Belts
  • Designed to work on front and rear seat without multiple brackets
  • Bracket size: 35" x 6.9"; Retractable Belt length: 42"
  • Includes 1 universal bracket, 2 retractable Belts and all necessary installation hardware

These are suitable for many golf carts. One bracket can accommodate two seatbelts, so it is easy to fit. It comes with all you need for a successful installation.  It will work with both front and back seat belts. The retractable seat belt is forty-two inches long. These seatbelts lock in the same way as a car seat belt, so if you have to stop suddenly, you will be held securely in the cart.

Fitting them on the back seats, if you have a four-person cart, can be a bit of a trial and might be best left to an expert. Lining up with the brackets on the seats can also take some patience.

If you are carrying large passengers, or are a big person yourself, it is worth checking the seat belt length. You cannot get a belt extender for this product.

It is worth getting someone who knows what they are doing to fit them. Otherwise, the tension will not be correct. You may also find the seat belts do not retract properly.


  • A durable product which will help to keep you safe around the course.
  • The locking means you should keep it in the cart even if you impact something at speed.


  • No belt extender.
  • Only fits certain golf carts

Best portable golf equipment cleaner

Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit

Club Clean - Black - Original Club and Ball Washer with Bracket Kit - Americas No.1 Club & Ball Cleaner
  • 1) TRUSTED: Americas ORIGINAL and No.1 Club and Ball Cleaner
  • 2) ENHANCE GAMEPLAY: Provides better ball flight, cleaner club grooves, and better back spin
  • 3) MASTERFULLY CRAFTED: Patented SINGLE CHAMBER unit for ease
  • 4) RE-USE: T-Drain Plug is easy to remove and replace
  • 5) EASY TO MOUNT: Comes with a Universal Mounting Bracket

Keeping your equipment, both golf clubs and golf balls, clean as you go around the course will improve your game as your ball flight will be better. It can also save you money. It will extend the life of your golf clubs and golf balls. If you have a golf cart, you can take advantage of this portable unit and clean as you go.

This Club Clean, with its specialized bristles for cleaning, is an excellent product which is used by golfers around the world. Not only will it allow you to wash your equipment as often as you require as you go around the course, But it fits onto most golf carts and comes with the fittings to do this. It can be attached to the side of your vehicle using the square mounting bracket. What’s more, it cleans several balls at any time and most clubs. Its gentle but effective action will clean very thoroughly without causing any damage to either your golf clubs or golf balls. The bristle firmness and movement are well adapted.


  • Long lasting and hard wearing.
  • As good as many clubhouse’s washing products.


  • Can be tricky to fit on some carts. 
  • Quite heavy

Bluetooth speakers

NOAM NUTV4 - Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
  • Enjoy your tunes in high quality sound while riding wild.
  • Use the smart Bluetooth remote to control your phone's function or simply connect your music player to the remote's Inline AUX input.
  • All around water resistant unit; ride in any weather conditions. Speakers, AMP & Bluetooth remote are all water resistant. The remote includes background light for dark conditions use.
  • Pair of 4" 2-Way Waketower Mountable Speakers, Marine Grade Waterproof Construction. these speakers can be mount on any round roll bar with size of 1.5"-2" (mounting pads are included)
  • 4 channels, Marine amplifier with ON/OFF switch

These are four-inch two-way high-quality speakers. Although they are powerful, you can easily connect them to your golf cart’s battery. You can attach them to your phone or your music player. An MP3 three player will hook up to the amp with ease. Or there is an aux input which you can connect to your smartphone. They are water resistant so you can take them out in any weather, this includes all the electronics which come with the kit. There is a background light so you can still choose your favorite music as the twilight descends at the end of your golfing day.

You can mount the speakers on most golf carts, and it also comes with mounting brackets. You can install it quickly but does involve a lot of wires and mounting brackets. If you are not confident with this sort of technology, it is best to get a specialist to install it. This way you can be sure of getting the perfect sound quality.


  • Excellent customer service if you have any problems.


  • The speaker wire can be short when installing the speakers on the front of some golf carts.

Golf cart coolers

The DRIVE Cooler for Yamaha Golf Cars PTV

The Drive Cooler for Yamaha Golf Cars PTV (Black)

It is a molded double walled storage unit. The contents are easy to access as it has a flip-up lid. It is easy to remove for cleaning and can be stacked if you do not want to take it out every time. It has an ample storage space, measuring twelve inches across the bottom, with a depth of eight inches, and a height of ten inches. There is plenty of room to open the cooler with an eight-inch clearance. It will easily fit ten cans.

Cans will stand upright in the cooler. Bottles will fit neatly in on the side. It comes with mountings for either the right or the left side of your Yamaha golf cart. It has pre-drilled brackets and bolts for the newer models. On these models it is straightforward to install, taking just a few minutes. It fixes onto the back of the golf cart.

It is hardwearing and robust and comes with a three-year warranty. It is well insulated enough to keep drinks and ice, cold.


  • Well insulated enough to keep drinks cool even through the longest golf round.


  • Cannot be fitted to all carts.

Best golf cart accessories our number one choice

If you are buying just one product for your golf cart, we would recommend you get the AW 2 Universal Retractable Golf Cart 42Inch Seat Belts+ 35x6.9Inch Bracket Kit Compatible with EZGO Yamaha Club Car. You will be able to drive over even challenging terrain and feel safe and secure. That sets you up for a great golfing day.