Best golf balls for the average golfer

Best golf balls for the average golfer

We take time choosing our golf clubs, but we rarely consider the golf balls we use. It is a mistake. A good golf ball can improve your game. But some golf balls are costly, and we all know how easy they are to lose. So, we need to strike a happy medium when we are choosing the best golf balls for the average golfer.

The rules about golf balls

A golf ball has to conform to the testing and approval regime of the USGA and the R&A. The critical thing is that they must not be heavier than 1.620 ounces and they must be 1.880 inches in diameter. There are also rules covering the number of dimples and their depth. The dimples also have to be symmetrical. This rule was made in the 1970s after a revolutionary new ball appeared with dimples which adjusted its spin axis while in flight. This dispute ran for years, and it is now possible to get balls with ‘self-correcting technology.’ I do not advise them as they are not legal for tournament play so you may as well get used to using the standard golf ball.

Golf balls from the leading manufacturers will conform to these rules.

Does a golf ball make a difference?

The answer to this question is yes. A good golf ball will make your shot go further and will be more accurate. Different skill levels require different balls. If you want our top choice it’s the No products found. for all around performance.

Recreational and advanced balls

Helpfully, golf ball manufacturers divide their products into two basic categories. These are recreational balls and advanced balls. If you have a swing speed of lower than eighty miles an hour, you should choose a recreational ball. They usually consist of two layers, with the firmer layer on the outside. It gives a lower compression and will reduce side spin.

If your swing speed is higher, it could be that advanced balls are better suited to your game. These have three or more layers, and the core is the solid layer. They will give a higher spin. But you can only get these effects if you hit the ball hard. So, you need the strength and the accuracy which comes from experience. If you move on to advanced balls too soon, you may find that you lose distance.

Practice balls

In addition to the two main types of ball, you can also purchase practice balls. These are very durable and have a shorter flight distance, so they are ideal for the driving range. Many have lines printed on them, which enables you to see the ball’s spin more easily when you are practicing.

Losing golf balls

When you are new, you will lose a lot of golf balls

High handicappers and rookies will hit the ball into the rough, into the water hazard and all sorts of other undesirable places. Don’t feel too bad about it. Approximately three million golf balls are lost every single year in the United States alone. But learn the lesson. Until you are an excellent player keep an eye on the price, you are paying for your golf balls. Good quality but not too expensive is a sensible rule here. Thousands of dollars can end up in that beautiful water hazard just near the twelfth hole! Go for a cheaper ball and invest the money you save in some coaching or a range finder.

The five best golf balls for the average golfer

No products found.

It is a great golf ball for getting your shot a long way. Distance is all with this ball, and it has a low compression, which means it will fly high. It is especially suited to golfers with lower swing speed. You will get extra height, and this will mean you get some distance.

It comes in boxes of fifteen. Its three-piece design will reduce spin when you are using your longer clubs. It means that if you are an inexperienced or occasional golfer, you will get more control. A lot of technology has gone into this golf ball. It has a hexagonal dimple, which means fewer flat surfaces, which adds balance and reduces drag when the ball is in the air. If you feel your problem is distance and that the key to improving your game is to get that ball further, then this is a useful product for you.

It is not too good for getting spin on the ball. But if you are at the stage where you fall just short of the green then go for this now. Once you have got your shots going further, then you can move on to a ball which will give more spin. But it is best to get your distance sorted first, and this ball is perfect for this. Once you have that right you that is the time to move on to develop the skills to use spin on the ball.


  • Coming in boxes of fifteen rather than the usual dozen means fewer trips to the golf store.


  • Not so good if you are improving fast and want to use a backspin

No products found.

This ball is a good all-rounder and a great ball if you sometimes feel out of control of the ball when you make contact. It excels at giving an excellent overall performance and a very responsive feel. It is designed to reduce spin and increase your control over the ball. With this product, you cut your chances of making a truly awful shot. Its construction, with a distinctive dimple pattern and a low compression, will give you more distance and means you are less likely to make shots which go out of control.

It is a two-piece ball which is specially constructed to provide that very low compression. It means it will feel very receptive and soft, almost spongy when it makes contact with the club. If you are a new player or a high handicapper, this can add to your confidence. You will feel in control as you hit the ball. If your swing speed is below ninety miles per hour, this could well be the ball for you. Many golfers who use this ball report that it gives excellent feedback. They feel they know how their shot is going as soon as their club makes contact with the ball. It is a unique advantage if you want to enjoy your game and improve at the same time.


  • With this ball, you will cut your chance of making an awful shot.


  • It’s very soft feel does not suit everyone

No products found.

This ball suits average golfers who feel they have some control and are now ready to improve their skills. If you want to get more spin on your shots, then try this product. It is a perfect choice if you are at the stage of your game where you often get the distance you need when you hit your long shots. Having conquered that hurdle, you are now ready to use the possibility of spin on the ball to get high accuracy.

It has a specially designed cover which does two things. Not only does it give more spin on the ball, but it provides a lower spin off the driver. It means you still keep control. The STAR in the title is an acronym for Spin Trajectory Acceleration and Responsiveness.

If you get this ball and you are developing your spin skills you will notice how much your game improves on the greens. You will have much higher accuracy when it comes to getting that ball in the hole. A special coating gives the extra spin on the outside of the ball called ‘spin skin’ increases the friction on the ball at the moment of contact and gives that extra spin. It is an excellent choice as your skill level improves.


  • A right choice if you are at the stage where you are getting distance and now want to improve your game on the green.


  • Not for beginner golfers.

No products found.

A golf ball specially designed for the high handicapper, it has a soft cover and a second layer underneath this. The manufacturers say that this unique feature gives a maximum transfer of energy. It has a low compression core which has been designed to reduce the height of your shot trajectory. As such it will make your ball go further as the energy will go into the distance, not height. It will also ensure that the ball is less susceptible to gusts of wind on the course. The construction of the core makes for a bounce effect when the club face hits to the ball. It gives a satisfying feeling of responsiveness and control at the point of impact.

An intricate dimple pattern reduces drag as it leaves a small smooth surface. It enables the ball to travel further and straighter. The cover, made of urethane allows a degree of spin on the ball. On the green, it will enable you to put backspin on the ball for accuracy. When you are using your wedges, this can help you get the ball into the hole in a minimum number of shots on the green.

If you are a high handicapper, who feels you are ready to employ backspin in your game, this may be the next ball for you. Low ball flight, reduced spin off the tee and backspin off of your wedges makes it a great all-around product.


  • Will give an excellent performance both off the tee and on the greens.
  • You will feel comfortable with both driving and wedge shots.


  • Not as durable as some balls.

No products found.

A ball specially designed to deliver for the average to low handicap player. It is the right choice if your game is improving and you are looking to move into the lower handicap range. It will give you a lot of distance but also enable you to use your developing skills for spinning the balls to their full potential.

Do not move onto this ball too early. It does require a fair amount of power to get the most from it. But if you are now swinging at more than ninety miles an hour, then you might want to try it. It is a golf ball with a three-piece construction. It has the gradational compression core common in this manufacturer’s products. The purpose of this core is to give high ball speeds.

This model is uniquely designed to have a lower compression rating than some others, which makes it an ideal choice for an average golfer. Its aerodynamic dimple design will give outstanding speed and distance off the tee. If your game is improving and you feel ready for the next challenge, then this is a great overall golf ball. It will give you both distance and control.


  • Will give you high ball speeds and distance, especially from the tee


  • A difficult ball to use if your swing speed is under eighty

Best golf balls for the average golfer our best choice

It is a hard decision as each of the balls we have reviewed do a different job and target golfers who are at different skill levels. But if you are an average weekend golfer who is still seeking to up their game and improve, we do have a clear favorite. We would suggest you go for the No products found.. With the combination of distance, low spin off the tee and backspin from the wedges, they are a perfect all-around choice for the improving golfer.