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Best golf hats – we’ve got you covered

During visits to golf courses in Scotland and Hawaii, I found out that playing golf in all weathers can be tough. One thing for sure is, it makes you think hard about the golf gear you take with you if you are going to play in all conditions. In Scotland,…


Best golf cart heaters, extending your play

Golf carts provide many fun experiences. If you use the golf cart during the colder days in spring, fall, and winter months, you need to invest in a high-quality golf cart heater. Why you should buy a heater for your golf cart Golf cart users interested in a heater are on the…


Golf club fitting and why it’s worth it

Why should I consider golf club fitting? Golf club fitting will give you a club, or a full set of clubs, which match your game. It is a chance to get your whole game analyzed and measured and to try out different club heads and shafts. That is the way…


Best golf instruction websites – our 4 favourites

We use the web at work, we browse it for news, and we download games and videos. Perhaps you have considered how you can use the Internet to help your golf? I do find it surprising that more people do not use this resource, which is literally at their fingertips….


Best golf grips for humid weather

A friend of mine had the golfing trip of a lifetime recently. He went to China and played on some of its new golf courses. He had a great time, but there was one problem. In some areas of China, humidity is very high, and his hands got sore and…


Best golf irons for mid handicappers

It feels great as you get better at golf. Your handicap starts coming down, and you begin winning rounds. If you are at this stage, you have a decision to make. Do you upgrade your clubs? Here are some of the considerations if you are looking for the best golf…


Best golf balls for the average golfer

We take time choosing our golf clubs, but we rarely consider the golf balls we use. It is a mistake. A good golf ball can improve your game. But some golf balls are costly, and we all know how easy they are to lose. So, we need to strike a…


Beginners guide to Fairway Woods

When I started to play golf, I shuddered every time anyone mentioned fairway woods. I had the idea they were difficult clubs to play. Not onIy that, I didn’t even know if they were clubs I needed yet. I waited to buy and looking back, I wasted time and delayed…